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In the Aegean region, which is most favorable to Turkey's agricultural activities in 2019 the Food Agro Food Ltd. It blends the freshest vegetables and delicious spices of Anatolia for you. Agro Food Gıda Ltd. family; canned and ready food, cold appetizers, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce and brine products are produced and packaged under the supervision of the food safety team under hygienic conditions in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety System and ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems. Agro Food Gıda Ltd. In the domestic market, Agro Food Gıda Ltd., which is in Balkan countries, Western Europe, UK, North America, Gulf countries, Australia and Seychelles Islands, in chain stores and catering channels in the export market. It is in the world market with the Solevita label. Agro Food Gıda Ltd. Our basic principle is to apply the quality factor in all stages of raw material acceptance, production and marketing activities. Our main goal is to provide continuous customer satisfaction with the support of our food safety team, joint participation of our employees and efforts, with our products in an understanding of continuous improvement, meeting the expectations and demands of our customers completely and on time. In line with this goal, we will continue to offer new products and tastes by constantly improving our quality, without sacrificing quality, and taking care of human health.

  • Our goal is to become a brand by offering reliable food products to meet consumer needs and expectations. Along with our suppliers in this target, which we have specified as management and all employees; We believe that we can achieve total quality management by increasing our efficiency.
  • Our goal is to identify, evaluate and control the hazards that may occur in food safety until the time the product is consumed, along with its raw material and acceptance, while producing ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce types, canned and ready-to-eat dishes, cold appetizers and pickled products in our company located in Torbali. In this context, our commercial goal is to comply with our customers, suppliers, relevant legislation and our own food safety requirements.